UK Government cataloguing most effective counter drone technology


The UK Government has added a number of counter drone technologies (CDTs) to its Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE).

Drone tech company RUAS first reported on this.

In the last year the government’s Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has begun assessing the different levels of CDT. The most effective of these it adds to the CSE.

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The CSE as a whole serves as an approved list of technologies for use by infrastructure sites like power stations and airports.

Because the government has added multiple CDTs to the list, RUAS suggests that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to the technology. This means that certain CDTs might serve different purposes better than others.

Head of RUAS Mark Jones said: “The involvement of the CPNI and the addition of Counter Drone Technology to the CSE is a big step in people recognising the importance of this development to the market and specifically national infrastructure.

“The increase in the availability of drones and the potential misuse in the wrong hands mean that traditional security methods are not necessarily as effective as they once were and Counter Drone Technology can plug that gap. The addition of specific Counter Drone Technologies to the CSE will give people confidence in the new technology.”

RUAS is heavily involved in the drone industry, including developing CDTs. It has training centres around the UK in Newport, Warwick, Newcastle, Dunfermline and Guildford.

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