UK NATS chief calls for better tech to ensure drone safety

Alastair Muir

Fresh technology is needed to ensure drone safety, according to the safety director at NATS.

Alastair Muir believes that steps to develop better technology must be taken to protect aircraft following an increase in the use of drones in UK airspace.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Muir said: “Drones do present a risk to us but one we’re managing through operations today.”

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The report went on to describe how Muir thinks existing technology allows for the detection of drones in controlled airspace and that air traffic controllers would prioritise safety over business disruption.

However, with a growing drone market in mind, Muir noted how technology and aligned regulation must be fit for the future of an emerging market.

FT reported on what Muir said during his presentation of drone flights as part of Operation Zenith, its programme to show how aeroplanes and unmanned vehicles can occupy the same airspace without causing crashes or disruption.

The claims follow the International Standards Organisation’s proposals of the world’s first global drone rules.

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ISO proposes first ever set of global drone standards


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  1. I have read ‘Operation Zenith’ after hearing a program on BBC radio and found the articles relating Drones and the effect on ATM systems very interesting.

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