A brave new dawn in the world of engineering with the advent of drone technology

Engineers aren't known for taking risks lightly – what we do doesn't allow for error, and taking a risk brings in too much scope for error. If engineers are slightly cautious, engineer-surveyors are even more so. But being in a traditional, perhaps even cautious sector, doesn't mean that we aren't always looking for new ways to solve old problems. And increasingly, those new ways are tech-based. One of the most exciting applications of new technology I have encountered is drones. Clear regulations Safety always has, and always will be, paramount for engineering – not just at the design and build
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US Congress recognises onboard DAA tech as vital tool for commercial UAS integration

Iris Automation, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and the Helicopter Association International (HAI) applaud the U.S. Congress for its continued support for the safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace. With the passage of the end of year government FY’21 funding legislation, H.R. 133, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, the House and Senate bi-partisan Appropriations Committees included language intended to underscore the importance of onboard Detect and Avoid technology (DAA) as a critical safety tool for full UAS integration. By doing so, under its legislative oversight authority, Congress has sent a clear signal that progress towards
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Fix it before it breaks: Predictive maintenance

Khalid Al Breiki EDGE
Predictive maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that evaluates and predicts when a component might fail so that maintenance work can be scheduled at a time that minimises adverse impact. It differs from reactive or preventative maintenance in that the predictions are based on the exact condition of the equipment rather than average or expected life statistics. In addition, the maintenance teams no longer have to wait for the flight to land to capture data – predictive maintenance happens in real time, enabling workers to analyse data insights and algorithms while the aircraft is still airborne. This precision is proving
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Aerospace veteran appointed as Iris Automation CEO

Iris Automation has appointed its new CEO, Jon Damush, effective immediately. This comes as co-founder Alexander Harmsen has been promoted to Chairman of the Board where he will guide strategy for the company and provide thought leadership on beyond line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations. Iris says the move reflects the continued growth and the opportunities in the global commercial drone market space. Damush brings over 30 years of extensive aviation technology experience and executive leadership, building upon his technical background in engineering, software development and systems integration. Most recently he led new business ventures at Boeing NeXT. Before that
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Helix Technologies expands team with new non-executive director

Helix Technologies has confirmed that Chris McIntosh has joined the team as a Non-executive Director. Chris is CEO of Methera, an early stage satellite company that is developing a highly flexible, broadband service to provide connectivity to Defence, Telecom Service Providers and Emerging countries, anywhere and anytime. Previously, as CEO ViaSat UK, he led the inception and growth of ViaSat’s European satellite capabilities. Before joining ViaSat Chris was CEO of Stonewood Group, developers of government grade cyber products and services. A retired British Army Officer, he has worked within the high threat cyber and satellite communications environment for over 30
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WATCH: Elios deployed to help scientists reach ice caves in Greenland

A new video created by Swisscom Ventures highlights a research expedition sponsored by Moncler to explore the deepest ice caves in the world using Flyability’s Elios drone. In partnership with Swisscom, Flyability released a video showcasing the way that its indoor drone technology was used by a team of researchers to explore and document some of the deepest ice caves in the world, located in Greenland. The expedition was sponsored by apparel company Moncler and took place over two weeks in 2018 on the Greenland ice sheet, the second largest body of ice in the world after Antarctica. Research focused
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VTOL firm Lilium agrees partnership with two German airports

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Lilium, the Munich-based aviation company developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft for regional air mobility, has agreed with both Dusseldorf Airport and Cologne/Bonn Airport to explore how the two airports can become hubs within a regional air mobility network spanning North Rhine-Westphalia. Lilium plans to establish regional air mobility as a new mode of transportation, using its fully electric, 5-seater aircraft by 2025. The announcement was made today in Dusseldorf in the presence of the Transportation Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wüst. As the largest and most densely populated German state, including ten cities with over 300,000 inhabitants,
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