Undercover ‘bird’ drones take to the skies to protect Southampton Airport’s airspace

clear flight soltuions

Drones disguised as birds are being trialled as a means of ensuring safety for aeroplane pilots.

Clear Flight Solutions, a technology firm based in the Netherlands, is currently testing its Robird solution at Southampton Airport.

The Robird, a UAV designed to look and fly like a bird of prey, fends off flocks of birds that have settled near the airport in a bid to protect pilots and make flying safer.

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Clear Flight Solutions’ CEO, Nico Nijenhuis, told the BBC: “We can control when we fly, how we fly, which birds we target, how we target them, how we chase them, and that is incredibly effective for areas where you don’t want to have birds.”

At Edmonton International Airport in Canada, where the organisation is carrying out tests, the Robird has currently logged around 200 flights over a two-month time span. Well over 10,000 birds have recently been chased away from active runways using Robirds and additional bird control solutions, severely reducing the risk of bird strike incidents at these airports.

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