US election debate covered by CNN’s DJI Matrice tethered drone

Elistair Ligh-T tether setup – US presidential Debate

The US election debate covered by Elistair’s tethered drone system supported 13 hours of live aerial footage for the first Democratic event of 2020.

On January 14, for the first U.S. Democratic debate of the year held on Drake University campus in Des Moines, Iowa, CNN deployed an Elistair tethered system with the support of Vector Solutions.

As an important political event, it is the most watched television program in the United States after the Super Bowl.

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During the Democratic debate, CNN Air flew its DJI M210 tethered to the Ligh-T at a height of 60 meters for 8 hours on the first day and 5 hours the second day.

The images were instantly fed to the control vehicle and then live transmitted via a 4G link to the production team. 

The UAV section were able to easily relocate and transmit each event of interest for live broadcast on the channel as the day progressed thanks to the flexibility of the system.

Howe Hildebrand, Vector Solutions pilot, said: “This solution provides excellent results for any venue that requires constant, uninterrupted over-watch.”

Adding: “It allows for constant, coverage of the subject area. There’s no need to continually land and change batteries, therefore you never lose contact with the subject area.”

Aside from US election debate coverage, Elistair’s system was deployed as part of the UEFA Champions League Final last year.

The Spanish Police used the system to keep an eye on crowds around the stadium in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

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