US Government invests in Citadel Defense Technology in drone attack prevention plan


A classified US Government customer has trusted Citadel’s Titan C-UAS solution as a defense against a potential drone threat.

Citadel was chosen after evaluation of over twenty counter drone technologies and is now expected to provide the customer with the system to detect, identify and defeat threat drones and swarms.

Commenting on concerns of the drone threat outpacing laws and regulation, Citadel Defense’s CEO, Christopher Williams, said: “We have a proven solution with a track record of success that is available today.”

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Her added: “Our goal is to give our nation’s military, law enforcement, and security teams an enduring competitive advantage against those who threaten our security and safety with improper use of drones.”

Titan system can be setup and operable with a hemisphere of protection that extends beyond distances many drones can fly.

Citadel disrupts the drone’s controller and video link signals, forcing the drone to safely return home or land in place without interfering with WiFi signals.

The Titan system can be used as a solution for critical infrastructure including airports and stadiums and will be deployed by the US Government as a defense against drone threats.

Christopher Williams concluded: “We are working with customer’s that have proper authority to use the technology today. Our customer recognizes the public benefit to safely preventing threat drones from causing harm.  As regulations loosen and more locations can be protected, Citadel wants to be the technology of choice for drone threat prevention.”

Earlier this month Citadel confirmed its expansion after a Government award.

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