UVS International to cease operations

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European drone body, UVS International, will cease all activities on 31 March after it was forced into liquidation.

“After 25 years, UVS International has now, unfortunately, come to the end of a challenging, but wondrous and adventurous journey,” Peter van Blijenburgh, the organisation’s founder, said in a statement issued to the drone community.

“Due to chronic liquidity problems, the association has been forced to file for liquidation,” the statement confirmed.

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A notice on UVS’s website reads: “UVS International will cease all activities on 31 March 2021”.

UVS had been credited with helping to establish European and international regulations for the safe use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), creating the required standards and air traffic management norms, and helping the public, policy markets and companies to recognise the societal benefits of UAS.

“It placed a strong emphasis on the necessity of harmonisation, the involvement of all stakeholders in the multipolar aviation environment, and on making the relevant pertinent information available to all,” said van Blijenburgh.

“Proudly European, UVS International played a key pioneering role on the international stage, contributed to regulatory awareness creation in many countries, and participated in many national, European and international UAS-related initiatives, working groups, panels and commissions.”

The statement added: “Together with its members, and many other stakeholders, UVS International has travelled over a long and unchartered road through the aviation regulatory landscape. It has contributed to redefining this landscape, and to making the European UAS regulation a reality.

“UVS International and its Board of Directors are proud of the association’s contributions. All association members, current and past, are thanked for making our common journey possible, useful and productive.

“It was an honour to serve the UAS community and a rewarding experience to contribute to bringing its ultimate goal within reach.”

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