World’s first production hydrogen drone lands in UK after uVue wins distribution deal

HyDrone MMC

Suffolk-based drone provider, uVue, has struck a deal to distribute and licence a new hydrogen drone in the UK, which has been hailed as a breakthrough for the company.

uVue has been granted distribution rights for what claims to be the world’s first ever production hydrogen drone – the Hydrone 1550, which is manufactured by MMC. It is hoped the new deal will usher in a new era of capabilities for companies using drones in their businesses.

The company says the Hydrone has a three hour flight time, which is considerably more than the average 30 minute fight time offered by current battery-powered drones on the market.

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uVue said that its new UAV is a viable alternative for many services providers using manned helicopters and light aircraft, which generally trump most drones on the market when it comes to durability and time in the air.

Precision agriculture, security & surveillance, emergency services and construction industries are being targeted by uVue, which says the cost savings the MMC Hydrone 1500 can bring are transformational to businesses, according to an online report.

Russ Delaney, director of Tech Ops at uVue, an ex-British Army helicopter instructor and drone pilot with more than 20 years’ experience of UAVs, told Business Weekly: “After extensive research into drone technology and potential solutions, we are delighted to be the first company to have been appointed to distribute and licence this incredible machine in the UK.

“Aside from its robust performance, I am particularly impressed by the endurance of the MMC Hydrone 1500 – up to 3 hours flight time with a 2kg payload – making this a genuine game changer in our industry. The endurance of this particular Hydrone is so strong that it offers a real alternative to full-sized rotary aircraft.”

A point of focus for uVue has been to ensure that the Hydrone 1550’s onboard systems meet the safety standards required to operate the drone safely within the UK commercial drone airspace, while also adhering to regulations outlined by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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