Vegetation burned in Australian bushfires regenerated by XAG drone seeding


Chinese agriculture drone company XAG has developed the world’s first post-fire drone seeding operation for on bushfire-affected land in Victoria, Australia.

The country’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) funded the project, which was managed by Heytesbury District Landcare Network (HDLN).

In partnership with DELWP and HDLN, XAG has created an intelligent drone system that will distribute seeds directly into fire-ravaged, difficult-to-access areas, the company said.

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The trial project in Lake Cobrico, Victoria, Australia demonstrates the first example of drones being used to regenerate vegetation in peat swamps after a bushfire, using safe, cost-effective methods.

The company said that within two days, approximately 40 hectares of burned land was replenished with new plants, using a blend of 12 different seeds.

It is expected that the project will be replicated across the region and state, especially within the areas where traditional techniques are inapplicable.

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