Verity Studios launches integration program for Failsafe tech for quadcopters


Verity Studios has launched an integration program for its Failsafe technology for quadcopters.

Its patented Failsafe solution has been designed to provide powerful and cost-effective safety enhancements to any consumer and commercial quadcopter drone platform.

It aims to enable manufacturers to easily implement the algorithm into drones as a standalone or complementary safety solution with a target to guard against propulsion system failures.

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Verity says that, against conventional engineering analysis, its team has now proven the ability to safely control and land a quadrotor after a loss of one, or even two, of its propulsion systems with an algorithm-only solution.

The solution means that when a Failsafe-enabled drone has a propulsion system failure, instead of spinning out of control and crashing to the ground, the drone stays in the air, stabilising itself using sophisticated algorithms before it is safely navigated to an appropriate landing location.

Verity went on to confirm that its Failsafe algorithm can be implemented into existing quadcopters flying in the air today through a simple firmware update.

Its code-based solution requires no additional hardware and adds no weight to the system.

Raffaello D’Andrea, CEO and founder of Verity Studios commented on the release.

He said: “With more drones populating our skies every day, we feel a responsibility to make the safety measures we’ve created available to the industry at large. We are excited to see the impact as drone manufacturers adopt this critical safety measure.”

In January, CDP reported on Verity Studios reaching its 100,000 drone flights milestone.

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