VIDEO: BSHARK launches new hydrogen-powered drone

BSHARK has partnered with MicroMultiCopter (MMC) to release a new hydrogen-powered drone.

Named the Narwhal 2, the drone is an upgraded version of the hydrogen quad-copter with LTE module and 30km video transmission range.

MMC manufactured the first hydrogen-powered drone, the HyDrone 1550, and provided production services to BSHARK for the new Narwhal 2.

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Based on aerial aluminium, the frame of Narwhal 2 is water-, dust- and fire-proof.

Due to the device being powered by hydrogen, a metal-based PEM fuel cell is deployed instead of the graphite plate in order to accelerate power density.

For storage, Narwhal 2 is equipped with a standard type 4 hydrogen cylinder made of carbon fibre and covered with aluminium alloy with at least 500 filling time lifespans. Moreover, the valve has a built-in temperature sensor.

Ling, CEO of BSHARK, said: “After dealing with the data transmission issues, we found that our drone is truly useful for long-distance missions. For this reason, Narwhal 2 has been developed with 30 km transmitters. Less than 0.25 seconds’ latency LTE module is also equipped to extend the operation range of UAVs, thus, 3G/ 4G, WIFI and other link methods are all available.”

Watch the launch video here:

Narwhal 2 is available for around £5,100 and was officially released yesterday.

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