VIDEO: China unveils long distance military spy drone


China has released footage of its new military stealth drone, which can reportedly travel for 40 hours without the need for a refuel.

News from Beijing says the device can also locate ground targets from an altitude of around 9,800 feet.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the drone, named ‘Sea Hawk’, has been developed by the Sea Hawk General Aviation Equipment Company, a firm set up in 2012 by the state-run China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation to develop and manufacture military drones.

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Speaking on China Central Television, the plane’s deputy designer Wan Jianping, described how the drone is equipped with China’s most advanced photo-electric aerial platform and contains seven different cameras, including an infrared camera and a multi-spectral camera, all of which can turn 360 degrees.

It has a wingspan of 18 metres, a maximum cruising altitude of 7,500 metres, can carry 370 kilograms of goods and has a maximum take-off load of 1.5 tonnes.

Watch the video from South China Morning Post here:

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