VIDEO: Cyberhawk gives behind the scenes view of life as a drone pilot


UAV inspection and survey specialist Cyberhawk has provided an insight into the life of commercial UAV pilots with new video.

The company highlights the fact that commercial drone operators often work for 14 consecutive days in extreme temperatures, on the other side of the world, before returning home for a few days to change equipment and get back on the road again.

‘’When I tell people what I do for a living, those with no knowledge of drones always remark on what an exciting life I must lead,” said one of Cyberhawk’s most experienced drone pilots, Calum.

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”However, it is hard work due to strict safety procedures, long days and the added pressure of flying close to dangerous and very expensive assets.

Having said that, it’s given me the opportunity to see so many exciting places in the world. From Africa to the Middle East to the US, I’ve experienced so many different cultures and adventures that would normally take a lifetime.”

Calum has been with Cyberhawk as a level four pilot for over five years, with multiple qualifications and extensive training.

The company’s video can be found below.


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