VIDEO OF THE DAY: SenSat writes its name in the history books with record-breaking BVLoS flight


SenSat, the UK’s largest drone data provider, has etched its place in history by claiming a new drone flight distance record.

It was announced last week that the company successfully completed the first 12km beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS) drone flight in complex airspace, breaking the existing record by a factor of 10.

SenSat was granted to fly drones beyond a pilot’s visual line of sight, a world first within complex airspace.

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A video of the mission can be found below.

SenSat’s BVLoS operations allows it to cut the price of drone data by up to 90%, allowing companies to utilise data more frequently.

SenSat now has the ability to fly over 1,400km in a single day – a distance equivalent to London from Ibiza – at one-tenth of the cost.

As the UK’s largest drone data provider, and consultant PwC’s sole drone technology partner, SenSat has flown over 9,000km above live highways and supported more than £3.5bn worth of infrastructure projects.

The record-breaking flight is a key development to unlocking an estimated £42bn to the UK economy by 2030 by establishing safe operational practices for millions of future pilots.

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