VIDEO: Disney saves on scaffolding with PaintCopter ‘graffiti drone’


Disney’s researchers have been working on developing a drone that can tag walls with a spray-paint gun, saving time and resources in big painting projects.

The drone will use cameras to detect outlines of what needs to be painted and use the attached gun to complete the image.

However, the prototype so far will not haver instilled too much confidence in the initiative after painting some unsteady pictures.

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According to a report by the BBC, the drone has paint pumped to it via a tube which tethers the device to the ground – an upgrade on previous versions of the drone which had to “regularly refill” their paint supply by “dabbing on a sponge filled with the ink”.

Despite the progress in technology, Disney has no plans yet to implement the use of the drone in its theme parks.

Watch the PaintCopter in action here:

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