VIDEO: DJI ignites a blaze to showcase what fire fighting UAV has to offer


UAV manufacturing market leader DJI went up in flames to showcase the fire fighting capabilities of its newly-revealed Zenmuse XT2.

DJI has unveiled new technology and tools to customise its enterprise drone platforms for specialised tasks, such as fire fighting, infrastructure inspection, precision agriculture and search and rescue, and held a live demonstration in Holland to show off its capabilities.

The new Zenmuse XT2 thermal imaging camera, created in partnership with FLIR Systems, is a tool for drone operators to capture heat signatures invisible to the naked eye. Its side-by-side visual and thermal imaging sensors provide data capture and situational awareness during emergency services, disaster recovery and industrial inspection uses.

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In order to showcase the model’s thermal imagining within the use case, DJI conducted the live demonstration.

A video of the Zenmuse XT2 in operation can be found below.

“The Zenmuse XT2 continues our longstanding partnership with FLIR to create the most powerful thermal imaging solution available on a drone today. This is a significant advancement for public safety professionals who are using drones to save lives and creating new industrial applications across different verticals,” said Jan Gasparic, head of enterprise partnerships at DJI.

“Our new Payload SDK makes it possible for any manufacturer to create a payload specific to their customers’ needs that will work seamlessly with DJI’s aircraft.

“We believe these two advances will not only strengthen DJI’s leadership in the commercial drone industry, but will also provide a powerful, flexible and standardised platform which customers from different industries can build upon.”

The two new DJI Enterprise systems will be available from the beginning of May.

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