VIDEO: Drone footage gives Manchester fire service birds-eye view of Ashton blaze


Footage captured by drone has given the fire service in Manchester a bids-eye view of the mill fire in Ashton.

Taking to social media to share the footage, the fire service said how the drone footage managed to show the magnitude of what the men on the ground had to deal with.

The International Emergency Drone Organization quoted the tweet and described how the use of drone tech can add value to firefighting.

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It said: “This is amazing how much a drone footage in this case could afford so much intelligence from a fire, pyrolysis smokes, building structures and location of attack teams with their hoses.”

That was in response to Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Services.

The service tweeted: “This drone footage taken yesterday shows just what our firefighters were faced with tackling the mill fire in Ashton. They have done an amazing job tackling this large-scale incident that’s been going on nearly 24 hours now.”

See the footage and the post here:

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