VIDEO: Drones help in quest to reduce use of antibiotics in livestock


Scientists within the Texas A&M University System have been testing new technology to find ways to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock.

One of the technologies used have been drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras to identify feverish animals.

Being able to single out only the sick cattle, scientists can treat only the ones in need of medication, instead of relying on the practice of injecting the entire herd with antibiotics.

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Texas A&M University System chancellor, John Sharp, commented on the work.

He said: “Millennials are getting blamed all the time for destroying industries, but in this case, they are creating one. Demand for antibiotic-free meat and ingenuity from Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists have led to some very exciting technology and a new segment of precision agriculture.”

As well as drones, scientists have also used other cameras and artificial intelligence to identify ailing animals based on behaviour.

Watch a video of the drone in action here:

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