VIDEO: Everdrone completes autonomous drone delivery between Swedish hospitals


Everdrone has completed its first fully autonomous deliveries between two hospitals in central Gothenburg.

The flight stretched 4.4 km and was made possible through a first-of-its-kind permit given out by the Swedish Transport Agency.

The flight was also unique in the sense that the landing was performed in a GPS denied location between tall buildings and only made possible by Everdrone’s onboard sensor system.

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Each year about 7400 transportations are carried out between the three major hospitals in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg.

Evendrone detailed that a large majority of the goods are light-weight with a high value, such as blood bags or laboratory samples. In many situations time is of the essence for this type of deliveries and during rush hours there is a large risk of traffics jams causing significant delays in the transportation chain.

This means that, by collaborating with the Innovation Platform, a department bridging the healthcare, academia and the Life Science industry, Everdrone is researching the possibility of using drones as a mean of transportation between hospitals in the Gothenburg area.

Mats Sällström commented: “A major step forward in turning the concept into reality was taken last week when we successfully performed a number of fully autonomous drone flights in fully realistic environments.”

Project manager at the Innovation Platform, added: “The primary purpose with this project is to evaluate the possibility of time savings, but we also see opportunities when it comes to making transportations more environmentally friendly and also reducing costs.”

“We are constantly working to improve the healthcare services in the region and one way of doing this is to evaluate new technologies,” he continued.

Watch the flight here:

The total flight path is 4.4km, of which 80% stretches parks and recreational areas, and 20% stretches residential areas.

Sällström said: “We see great potential in using autonomous drones in the healthcare sector, but in order to make the concept a reality we must show that the technology works in real life, and that it is safe! This type of demonstration proves that both technology and regulations have matured to a degree that we can now carry out fully realistic flights in an urban environment.”

The demonstration program included 8 missions in total and was carried out in Gothenburg, Sweden, from July 9-13.

All flights were completed according to plan with all systems operating as expected.

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