VIDEO: Italian mayor uses drones to scream profanities at residents ignoring lockdown


Drones have been used in many parts of the world to help with the current coronavirus outbreak, from spraying disinfectant in China to posting drone footage on Twitter of UK citizens flouting the lockdown.

A mayor in Italy has taken another novel, drone-based approach to encouraging Messina residents to stay indoors during the coronavirus crisis, which has affected Italy worse than any other country.

In a video from Euronews, mayor Cateno de Luca can be heard shouting profanities at Italians venturing outdoors through speakers attached to a drone.

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“Where the **** are you going? Go home,” he tells two men in the video, who run in apparent fear from the drone.

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  1. I don’t blame the mayor; they have had the greatest infection rate in the world (well, now we’re catching up.). I’d swear, too.

      1. The highest REPORTED infection cases. Domt you dare try to say that China went from adding hundreds a day to nothing in a week. They just stopped reporting.

      2. The US has the highest number of infections, not the highest infection rate. A much smaller percentage of the US population is infected than Italy, but there are far more people. One fifth of the US population is more than the entire population of Italy.

    1. We are allowed one person per house to go and collect food supplies but only when absolutely necessary and we have to present completed documentation to the police. There are also volunteers who work delivering food to vulnerable people who can’t leave their houses right now.

    2. They have to get a permission slip from on line saying where they are going and why. We have friends that moved there just before it hit .

  2. The food system is completely in place in Italy. If anything flour is hard to come by because bread and pasta making has become a major pastime while we are in quarantine. We are free to go out whenever shops are open to do necessary food purchases. Don’t overdramatized, people. We are encouraged to otherwise stay in the house. Most people do. But when we are out we are exemplary of social distancing.

  3. Just think your walking down the streets, and all of a sudden, you hear in Italian ” get your ass inside, or I will take your baguettes! And Don’t get me started on the pizza shops! ” ?? and you just see the tiniest drone, screeching at you…….

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