VIDEO: MSAB and URSA introduce new tech to acquire and analyse drone data


The XRY Drone, introduced following a collaboration between MSAB and URSA, lets investigators extract and analyse data from popular drone models being used for illegal activity.

The technology aims to reveal flight paths, origin, behaviour and other critical information that can identify operators.

As part of the development process, URSA, a geospatial intelligence company, and MSAB, a global leader in mobile forensics, worked together to produce the device.

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The XRY Drone is a new member of the XRY line of products which are widely used law enforcement professionals to recover and view data from mobile phones and other mobile devices.

David Kovar, president of URSA, said: “Drones are exploding in popularity and their operational capabilities are advancing rapidly as well. Unfortunately, they have also proven to be useful tools for criminal actions like carrying phones, weapons and drugs to prisoners in correctional facilities, for illegal surveillance and even for terrorist attacks.”

Mike Dickenson, deputy executive officer of MSAB, said: “This is the most complete drone forensic tool on the market today.”

Watch the video introducing the new drone here:

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