VIDEO: New VOLY M20 long-range cargo drone

Volansi VOLY M20

Volansi has launched its new VOLY M20 long-range cargo drone, designed for use in maritime and military operations.

The company unveiled its new product at the United States Air Force’s Agility Prime Virtual Trade Show.

There, they showed off the autonomous UAV, which is capable of carrying 20lbs of cargo, along with a further 10lb ISR or sensor payload.

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The VOLY M20 also has a 350-mile range, hits speeds of 75mph, and promises more than eight hours of endurance for sensor operations.

Made in the USA, the VOLY M20 utilizes a hybrid flight system that combines electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) with a fixed-wing, “pusher”-driven forward flight mode.

The VOLY M20 can be configured with the customer’s choice of highly reliable heavy-fuel or gasoline engines.

“The VOLY M20 was designed with modularity and mission flexibility in mind,” Volansi CEO and co-founder, Hannan Parvizian said.

He continued: “The user experience is a key pillar of this design. We incorporated all the feedback we received from our customers on the need for an easy to use, maintain, and operate aircraft that is capable of operating on both land and at sea.”

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