VIDEO OF THE DAY: Drones set to work in Novichok investigation

Amesbury Couple Poisoned By Novichok Nerve Agent

The value of UAVs in major criminal investigations and police work has been reiterated after it was revealed that drones are being deployed in a bid to uncover vital evidence in the Salisbury nerve agent investigation.

Wiltshire Police has bought in two UAVs to search a children’s play area for a canister that could contain Novichok.

Dawn Sturgess, 44, and boyfriend Charles Rowley, 45, are believed to have fallen ill after finding a vial, syringe or tub used to carry the nerve agent in Salisbury. Ms Sturgess tragically passed away earlier this month.

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A video of the drone in action can be found below.


Drones are increasingly being used to aid criminal investigations across the UK. Earlier this year Commercial Drone Professional reported that a drone had become a key witness in a rape investigation.

The technology has also been used for search and rescue operations, notably in Norfolk where a partially submerged man was recovered after being missing for over 24 hours and in Lincolnshire where local police located a hypothermic man.

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