VIDEO: Students design drone device as high-rise fire rescue aid


A group of six students has designed a high altitude self-driven UAV to help with fire rescue missions.

The team, located in Guangzhou, China, is hoping the creation can rescue people who are trapped in high-rise buildings.

The drone would be programmed so when receiving a distress signal, it uses GPS to pinpoint the location of the fire and subsequently travels at high altitude to reach the scene of the emergency.

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Then, on approach, it unfolds into four parts with a safety net at the centre which a person can jump into in order to save themselves.

The power for Net Guard to travel at high altitudes and catch a person in mid-air is harnessed from four propellers while the net itself is made from a quadruple layer of polyurethane, which is strong enough to hold the weight of an average adult.

Sensors then keep track of the person as they jump into the net, positioning the drone to catch them.

The concept has been shortlisted to win £10,000 at this year’s golden pin concept design award.

Watch a demonstration video of the Net Guard in action here:

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