VIDEO: SwissDrones wins French power inspection challenge

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Image: RTE

SwissDrones’ UAV rotocraft has won a challenge set by French energy firm RTE to inspect power lines remotely.

A number of drone operators entered the challenge but only SwissDrones made it to the field test stage.

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During the test, SwissDrones’ mini helicopter overflew a 2km stretch of power lines collecting imagery data.

Engineers then inspected the photos to check they were high quality enough to show the defect in the power line.

A statement from the UAV company said: “SwissDrones has successfully delivered the requested results (highest-resolution images of defects captured in a continuous fly-by) in a recent challenge of the French power-line operator RTE. Thank you to our partners PhaseOne ​and GGS​, as well as RTE​ for the good collaboration.”

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