VIDEO: Terra Drone partners with Kazakhstan police to provide coronavirus surveillance


KazUAV, a group company of Terra Drone, has been working with police in the Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan to monitor the city during its coronavirus lockdown.

Kazakhstan closed its borders and locked down its main cities after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in mid-March.

Therefore, the KazUAV drones are monitoring for those breaking lockdown stipulations, but also for immigration, any of which would be illegal at this time.

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Using drone-mounted cameras with both visible and infrared sensors, the KazUAV team has completed hundreds of flight hours, broadcasting all captured data.

It has also highlighted the exact coordinates of objects of interest to the operational headquarters command center.

This has led to the authorities discovering multiple bypass roads and irregularities in the locked-down area.

Dmitry Ivanov, development director, KazUAV, says, “As international experience has shown, restrictions introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are the most effective measures to fight it. Of course, it’s hard for everyone now; it is a challenging time for each one of us.

“But the call to ‘stay home’ is more relevant than ever in the context of drones. We are familiar with carrying out critical tasks like monitoring floods or patrolling important events, but this was an emergency request which needed an immediate response.”

Watch a video of Kazakhstan’s coronavirus drone surveillance operation below:

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