VIDEO: UAV Navigation technology reduces accumulated positional error without GNSS

UAV Navigation

A new positioning technology project from Spain’s UAV Navigation is reportedly reducing accumulated positional error in flights without the aid of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

The company’s new research and development project, Visual Navigation System (VNS), has cut UAV accumulated positional error during Dead-Reckoning Navigation.

This advancement, which has shown promise in early testing, helps to cancel out the inherent drift of MEMs-based inertial sensors.

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It could mean a significant increase in flight safety, allowing drones to accurately navigate when GNSS momentarily drops off.

It is achieved using ‘visual odometry’ techniques to determine the position and orientation of the aircraft.

This is done through a camera that is installed under it and captures images that are then analyzed and processed.

Watch UAV Navigation’s video below:

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