VIDEO: Wing footage envisions future of ‘air delivery’

Wing has released a video showing what it thinks its ‘air delivery’ service can be.

The firm says the service can make food, medicine and other items available to people when needed.

Wing details how its small, lightweight aircraft can deliver items in minutes. It goes on to describe how its navigational software creates clear, customised routes to guide aircraft right to the customer, enabling the package to be gently lowered to the ground.

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In a release, Wing explains: “Our service is faster, safer, and cleaner than the same delivery made by car or truck. By the end of the month, we’ll be providing air delivery to communities on three continents.”

It continues: “We’re delivering products from 20 local businesses in Australia. In Finland, we’re testing delivery to apartment complexes. Later this month, we’ll begin delivering packages, over-the-counter medicines, snacks and gifts in Southwest Virginia’s New River Valley.”

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