Virgin gazes ahead to predict how drones will shape the future of the construction market

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Unmanned aerial vehicles hold the potential to shape the future of the UK’s construction market, a new report has claimed.

A new report into the future of the construction industry, commissioned by Virgin StartUp and Colmore Tang Construction in support of their joint ConstrucTech initiative, has pointed toward some big changes ahead within the industry.

The report, written by futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson, suggests that drones, 3D printed walls and biometric roofs made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean could change the face of the industry over the next few years.

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“By 2025 we will already see huge changes in the construction industry thanks to technology with drones, artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing all becoming commonplace,” commented Dr Pearson.

“By 2050, we could see floating buildings or apartments that could save the housing crisis using carbon foam that’s lighter than air – the possibilities for this really are endless.”

Looking even further ahead, Dr Pearson proposed that by 2075 AI could be responsible for a wave of kinetic architecture, resulting in self-assembling buildings that will allow new structures to be formed from existing materials.

ConstrucTech is an open innovation programme that supports start-ups to prepare for the trial and adoption of their product or service by one of the UK’s fastest-growing contractors, Colmore Tang.

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  1. We have been working with a team that does 3D design work:

    We take the models they develop and can build drone flight paths for construction progress monitoring and inspections. The precision being brought to the construction process through these new technologies are really valuable, as we have seen first hand the difference they can make.


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