WATCH: Agriculture drone operators benefit from Flock’s insurance offering

Agriculture drone operators have been able to benefit from Flock’s ‘flexible insurance offering.’

The UK-based firm creates custom policies for customers around the world, some of them usage-based.

This means that if fewer flights take place, the customer pays less. The system can also track that if the pilots fly safer, the organisations also pay less.

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Looking at it from an agri-specific point of view for agriculture drone operators, the policies, which serve a variety of enterprise customers across a number of industries, are flexible meaning organisations can instantly add and remove pilots/drones from a policy, alter public liability, and add additional coverages.

All of them are tailored to the specific enterprise, meaning firms using drones to benefit agricultural work can use a plan that fits in with what they do.

This type of work is usually very seasonal, something Flock says it has addressed with lifting restrictiveness and increasing flexibility.

All policies are powered by a proprietary risk intelligence engine and this, coupled with other aspects, has attracted the attention of the wider insurance industry to Flock.

This means that as well as Allianz, Flock is now working with a some of the leading underwriters and brokers globally to insure some of the world’s largest and most complex drone operations including Terra Drone and Skyports.

It also recently acted as risk partner and insurer for African Drone Forum which saw the likes of Wingcopter, German Drones, Avy, Phoenix Wings, Venturi and Volansi take part in a range of BVLOS competitions.

In the video above, Hummingbird Technologies which is AI business that provides advanced crop analytics to its customers by using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms applied to remote sensing captured imagery, details how the Flock system has benefited its operation.

Flock recently teamed up with Centrik on a ‘connected insurance’ integration.

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