WATCH: Drone tech helping conservationists keep an eye on endangered orangutans


Conservationists are making the most of thermal imaging drone technology in their work in protecting endangered orangutans.

Located in Borneo, the team is using the imaging to track the orangutan population.

According to euronews, those involved with the project say drones can cover large areas more quickly and the thermal cameras help detect hard-to-spot animals.

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Professor Serge Wich from Liverpool John Moores University, commented: “When we started this, I was sceptical whether this would work. The tropics are a very humid area, it’s very hot.”

“So, we weren’t sure if the heat signal of an orangutan in a nest would be visible on the drone images, but fortunately they are.”

As part of the project, researchers were able to conduct 28 flights from two sites over the course of six days and successfully spotted 41 orangutans from the air.

Watch the footage here:

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