WATCH: Elistair unveils its “most advanced and powerful” tethering system for commercial drones

Elistair has released the Safe-T 2, the company’s most advanced and powerful tethering system for use with commercially available drones.

Key Features include, IP54 rating, up to 125m/400ft of micro-tether, 2 200 watts max continuous power, a fiber optics option, and industry leading weight/power ratio from its patented Dynamic Voltage Optimization (DVO).

The Safe-T 2 aims to provide users with power efficiency and enables safe and persistent flight time for UAVs.

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Since the launch of its first tethering station in 2015, Elistair has quickly become the industry leader in tethered drone systems, with over 600 tethered stations deployed so far to help security forces monitor events, secure sites and protect assets.

The Safe-T 2 has been built on the success of the flagship Safe-T product line which has been deployed in over 60 countries by governmental organisations, industrial groups, and security forces.

Commenting, Timothée Penet, co-founder and CTO at Elistair, said: “To design the Safe-T 2, we worked in close collaboration with our users who challenged us with their critical feedback. We rethought the entire solution in order to build the perfect tethering system for critical security operations.”

Adding: “With up to 2,2 kW max continuous power and 2,8 kW peak power, the Safe-T 2 allows for higher flights with heavier payloads, thus enabling security forces to cover larger areas with a single system.”

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