WATCH: HEISHA takes flight new pilot-free fixed wing with VTOL capability


HEISHA has launched the D.NEST F300, a new unattended system which combines the auto-charging station C300 with VTOL fixed win.

The firm says it hoping the new release can revolutionise the way in which drones are used in daily life and it can be used for farm/pasture/privacy land inspection.

Heisha also released D.NEST D300 and D.NEST S300 for small areas, based on other open source drones.

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The company describes D.NEST as an untended and complete system for property surveillance, fully auto-unattended inspection solutions for home/roof/building/private land.

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It gave a use-case example of when users are on a trip and want to check their property, users can use their phone and launch the D.NEST F300 or D.NEST S300, with a live video feed of the property.

Separately, users can also start their daily farm work, by sending out the drone for an aerial survey and checking which areas need to be taken care of.

D.NEST is an agnostic drone which is compatible with all major drone hardware platforms such as DJI, Ardupilot, Yuneec, and PX4.

The charging pad’s locking mechanism keeps the UAV safe and stable while being charged. D.NEST offers standard API that is also hardware-agnostic, scalable and seamless to integrate.

It comprises a charging pad, a drone, telemetry system, cloud-based services and command center and enables deployment in a few touches, allowing users to manage everything, on their cell phone for a seamless experience.

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