WATCH: K Line launches drone project for ship hull inspection


Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, a Japansese shipping firm known as K Line, has introduced a development project to use drones in ship hull inspections.

The drones will be used to see what maintenance is required with an image analysis system in collaboration with Technos Mihara.

K Line sees it as a solution of long lasting difficulty of inspecting hard to access parts of the ship.

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It says that as a result of multiple on-site trials with aerial and underwater drones it has seen notable improvement in the accuracy of such inspections.

In addition, K Line has reported an improvement in efficiency and safety of the inspections by automation using these drones.

Watch the drone in action here:

K Line and Technos Mihara went on to confirm that they are now proceeding to the next step and have reached a mutual agreement to develop a new system for ship hull inspection and maintenance through integration between drone and digital image analysis technology.

The new department known as the ‘AI/Digitalization Promotion Division’ was set up in January 2019 and is aiming to introduce new technology, improve transportation services and obtain the best possible satisfaction and reliability for customers.

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