WATCH: LAPD’s SWAT officers deploy drone in armed robbery operation


The Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT team has deployed a drone for the first time, as part of an operation into an ongoing armed robbery.

The team, wanting to go into the second floor apartment to apprehend the criminal, were not sure if the culprit would be waiting to ambush them behind the door.

To solve the problem and prevent putting officers lives in danger, the LAPD sent a drone up to look inside the window of the property to find that they were clear to enter.

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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, the standoff on January 9 in Koreatown, was the first time the Los Angeles Police Department has used a drone, joining hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country in doing so.

The report went on to describe how the LAPD’s drones are part of a pilot program from 2018 by the Police Commission over the protests of residents and privacy activists concerned that the devices would be used to spy on them.

As part of the ongoing debate into drone use, LAPD officials will submit reports documenting each drone operation to the Police Commission, which will, in turn, evaluate the pilot program and decide on the future of drones within the force in six months’ time.

You can watch the video taken by drone of the entire operation here:

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