WATCH: Tech start-ups partner on water spraying drone development

The team of Drone4agro has announced it will be cooperating with Loweheiser, an engine company, to develop a range extender for their 6m spraying drone.

Together, the companies are working on an efficient solution to deal with the weight.

By building a 6-meter wide drone, the carrying capacity will be improved.

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With the innovation, the companies say farmers will be able to have the drone carry 50L of spray means.

The solution consists of installing a range extender on the drone that uses fuel instead of electric batteries. This greatly simplifies the operation by eliminating the need of chargers for multiple batteries.

All is replaced by a range extender containing a 2-stroke engine coupled to an electric generator. The battery change operation is replaced by a simple refilling operation of the fuel tank that is carried out only every 5 flights, so the time at the stop to recharge the fungicide liquid is reduced to a few seconds.

In the end, the consumer will be able to save on the cost of the batteries and the replacement of the batteries when they reach the end of their useful life.

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