Welsh fire department extinguishes arsonists’ plans with drone-based strategy


Drones have been enlisted to play a pivotal role in a fire department’s strategy to stamp out grass fires.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service told the BBC it is going to deploy drones in a bid to identify potential arsonists before they have a chance to ignite fires.

In addition to preventative measures, it has also been reported that the unit plans to deploy unmanned systems during fires to help fire-fighters target their efforts and provide aerial assistance.

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Craig Hope, the lead wildfire officer at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, told BBC Radio Wales’ Good Morning Wales programme: “This is now a two-pronged attack. As well as trying to combat the antisocial behaviour, the deliberate ignitions, we are also managing the fuel load.

“We will be using the drones both when the fires are burning, for firefighter safety and community safety, but also monitoring areas where we know there are going to be fires so we can look out for anti-social behaviour.”

The department is also collaborating with South Wales and Gwent Police on the project.

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