Wildlife experts slam drone pilot whose up-close grizzly bear footage went viral


Researchers and drone operators have vented concerns over the ethical issues and physical risks of drone use in capturing up-close footage of a grizzly bear struggling to climb a snowy mountain.

Twitter users around the world gave their subsequent reaction to the video, with wildlife experts and drone pilots alike voicing their distress.

Paleoecologist Dr Jacquelyn Gill, said: “Respect animals by giving them space, and don’t share posts where animals are clearly in distress or in danger just because someone wanted to go viral.”

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She added: “Harassing wildlife for a photograph, a selfie, or a video is never okay.”

An article from IFL Science did however describe how some viewers thought the footage was a positive thing.

It detailed how drones have become a tool for documenting and learning about the world’s wildlife in recent years and alluded to how they have been used as a tool for a number of scientific projects.

In response to the video, Lucy Gem, an ecologist and Geography expert, tweeted: “As a UAV operator I can confirm drones are loud and startling when not expected. Even if drones don’t cause a noticeable behavioural reaction they might affect animals physiologically.”

Another drone user, Lida Far, said: “As a drone operator, I was disgusted with how close the operator went in to get ‘the perfect shot.”

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