Wing makes emergency coronavirus drone deliveries in Virginia


Wing, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is being used to make deliveries of medical supplies and scarce resources such as toilet paper in Virginia during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alphabet had been testing the drone for a number of months in the area before the outbreak of COVID-19.

The drones, with a one-metre wingspan, can complete round trips of as much as 12 miles, delivering packages of up to 1.3kg.

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Alphabet subsidiary Wing decided now was the time to expand the programme, and has been responding to a massive increase in demand for deliveries.

The citizens of Christiansburg, VA have been receiving products like medicine, baby food, toilet paper and pasta.

Google associate Wing first began testing in Australia in 2014, and received approval there a year ago.

It was also the first commercial drone delivery operation to receive FAA approval in the US.

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