WingtraOne to help build Europe’s first testing ground for high-speed vacuum travel

The construction team building Europe’s first super-fast maglev transportation testing site will use a WingtraOne drone to conduct a topographic survey of the site.

Land in Switzerland used for the testing site needs to be surveyed before it can be used, so fellow-Swiss company Wingtra suggested its VTOL drone.

The 3km long and 3m wide stretch of land will be used to build the a vacuum tube that is to be the testing site for ultra-high-speed transportation technology.

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The project has been described as the European answer to the American Hyperloop of the SpaceX and Elon Musk fame.

After spending months in research and development of prototypes, the team at EuroTube has chosen the stretch of land in the Valais region of Switzerland as its candidate location.

WingtraOne’s VTOL capabilities will allow the team to get a real idea of what type of location they are working with.

Sascha Mark, the technical director at the EuroTube project, reached out to Wingtra in early May and a partnership between Wingtra and EuroTube was quickly formed.

The collaboration will involve Wingtra providing the WingtraOne as well as conducting the survey.

Mark said: “For a cutting edge research project involving significant infrastructure, time is of crucial importance. We were looking at surveying solutions that can provide the dataset required for construction site quickly without compromising on the accuracy. From this perspective, WingtraOne looked like a viable prospect.”

He added: “We are pleased to say that the dataset gathered by the WingtraOne was precise enough to let the engineering office begin planning construction. The generated point cloud has a vertical accuracy of 10 cm and horizontal accuracy of 3 cm. Thanks to the WingtraOne, we are now well on track on our timeline to begin construction,” says Mark.

According to EuroTube’s scheduled timeline, a shorter prototype of the tube will be completed at the end of this year, and an alpha tube at the end of 2019.

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