Woolpert scores drone image-collection contract in Colorado


Architecture, engineering, geospatial and strategic consulting firm Woolpert has begun using the SenseFly eBee X for a new design survey contract.

This fixed-wing system allows for extended flight times and is equipped with real-time kinematic technology which, paired with the Woolpert survey group’s ground control point data, produces a highly accurate topographic base map and orthorectified imagery, the company said.

Felsburg Holt & Ullevig has contracted the US-based Woolpert to collect imagery for a new frontage road adjacent to I-25 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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It will complete right-of-way (ROW) and TMOSS design surveys with the help of the Colorado Department of Transport.

TMOSS stands for InRoads Terrain Modeling Survey System and represents the best practices followed by CDOT surveyors and contract consultant surveyors.

Woolpert has conducted numerous UAS projects across the country with clients such as the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Department of Defense, airports, mining companies and several state departments of transportation, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio.

Woolpert project manager Chris Raml said: “This is a unique opportunity to introduce new technology to the town with a proven survey team.

“Using UAS will save the client time and money, and offer a superior, visual deliverable.

“We know what’s required by the town of Castle Rock and CDOT, and our drones are collecting exactly what’s needed safely and efficiently.”

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