‘World’s first’ V-shaped bicopter drone


Despite the vast majority of drones using four rotors, the new V-Coptr Falcon from Zero Zero Robotics utilises only two.

Zero Zero Robotics claims the unique design offers a number of benefits to the drone, which it labels “the world’s first V-shaped bicopter”.

Where most consumer drones offer a flight-time of 30 minutes or less, the V-Coptr can fly for up to 50 minutes. The technology also promises a reduction in propeller noise.

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The drone’s 12mp camera also promises high-quality stills and 4K video with 30 fps.

The company claims the drone even has obstacle avoidance technology, as well as 7km transmission distance and a 3-axis gimbal.

A preorder in advance of the February release date will cost $699 (£535) but purchase post-release will see a price hike to $999 (£765).

Zero Zero also sells the Hover 2 and the Hover Camera Passport. The company was launched in 2014.

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