World’s smallest satellite communications drone tech hits the market


Aerospace solutions specialist Honeywell has announced the arrival of its newest satellite communications technology for drones.

The system is ten times smaller than its previous incarnation, making it the smallest of its kind worldwide.

Connecting drones to other aircraft and ground control, the 1kg Honeywell Small UAV SATCOM is powered by Inmarsat’s global satellite communications network.

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Inmarsat is a partner of Honeywell, as well as Altitude Angel, another UAV company.

Used in conjunction with drones, the SATCOM technology will offer global connectivity and real-time video streaming.

Honeywell also said that seamless connectivity is essential for safe flights in the ever-crowded sky.

Amanda King, vice president and general manager, Aerospace Connected Secure Solutions, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, said: “Transportation as we know it is changing rapidly, and the need for connectivity is only becoming more important.

“As platforms evolve and new vehicles start operating both on land and in the air, it’s critical that satellite communications technology evolves alongside them.

“Honeywell’s small UAV SATCOM system is a game-changer for these smaller unmanned aircraft that previously couldn’t be equipped with satellite communications.

“Now, they’ve got access to everything we’ve come to expect from the large-aircraft experience — just in a smaller package.”

Read more about Inmarsat’s work with Altitude Angel, another UAV company, below:

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