XAG introduces rice seeding drone to mitigate labour shortage


To overhaul the labour-intensive rice farming industry, XAG is scaling up drone applications in China that enable night-time seeding at peak period.

Last month, the firm organised the world’s first-ever rice direct seeding demonstration on the comparison between manual broadcasting and drone seeding.

The operation was conducted in China’s ‘Happy Farms’, one of the largest modern agricultural parks as well as smart agriculture demonstration site in Guangdong province.

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Two workers were invited to spread 5kg of rice seeds, walking slowly through the waterlogged paddy field with their feet swamped in the mud.

This was a laborious and lengthy process, which took them 25 minutes to cover 1,200 square metres of land.

Then XAG’s drone followed a pre-programmed route and dispensed rice seeds from the air. With JetSeed granule spreading system, it finished the same amount of work in only two minutes.

One XAG agricultural drone can seed 50,000 square metres of land per hour, which would otherwise take 50 to 60 field workers to complete.

Happy Farms has just introduced XAG’s autonomous drones to replace manual labour for seeding, fertilisation, and crop spraying.

JetSeed is an intelligent granule spreading system mounted on the bottom of XAG agricultural UAS, to endow the drone with new function of direct rice seeding.

After simple parameter set-up on app, it generates high-speed airflow to project proper amount of seeds accurately into the targeted topsoil.

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