Yellowstone investigating illegal drone photo


Yellowstone National Park officials say they are investigating a photo taken by drone in one of its parks which has been posted online.

The organisation claims the photo is of one of the park’s geothermal features and is therefore illegal.

Drones are banned in Yellowstone along many other parks across the United States and violation of the ban is a misdemeanour with a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $5,000 (£3,899) fine.

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The National Park Service says the reason behind the rules is that drones can harass wildlife and the noise is a nuisance to visitors.

Jackson Hole News & Guide reported that the photo of Grand Prismatic Spring was posted on Instagram and then deleted after criticism from other users.

Earlier this year, CDP reported on the news that a Swiss tourist had been arrested for flying his drone into a building in Times Square.

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Tourist arrested after flying his drone into Times Square building

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